Darksiders Statue "War" with Light

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This product will be released on 15 November 2023

  • Dimensions: 18cm * 13cm * 16cm
  • Material: PVC, ABS base
  • Manufacturer: ItemLAb
  • Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide.

The Horseman War has charged into countless battles astride his spectral steed Ruin, leaving a trail of blood and bones in his wake. His eyes and hair are as white as the chill he casts on angels and demons alike, for the fury of his massive sword is unmatched in combat. As unyielding as time itself, War is both honorable and savage. The youngest of the surviving Nephilim ever since they carried out the extermination of their kind on the orders of the Charred Council is now available as limited High-End 6.5” PVC Collectible on a light up base.

Features: This high-end PVC Collectible features a light up hexagon base which is interlockable with other bases from the same series. Not only does this allow you to built dioramas with other Collectibles from ItemLab, but also can all connected bases be fueled through one single energy source. No batteries needed and only one single cable to spotlight all your favorite figures. The center of each base is rotatable for you to freely choose the direction each character is facing.  USB Cable included.

Sustainability:  We limited the use of plastics in packaging where possible and the box is made of FSC-certified recycled paper, printed with eco-friendly plant-based inks.

  • 210616
Elex Collector's Edition
Elex Collector's Edition
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Darksiders, the first installment of the popular franchise series, was released by publisher THQ in 2010. In the following years, THQ and later THQ Nordic published three sequels, which turned the series into one of THQ Nordic’s most valuable franchises. The series is set in a fantasy universe based on the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It features fast hack-and-slay combat, as well as puzzle solving in different dungeons and quests. Discover all products