The king of Myrtana needs a lot of magical ore in order to craft weapons to withstand the ongoing threat of the orcs in this war. He imprisons lawbreakers in the very penal colony where the much-needed ore is mined. Khorinis, the name of this penal colony, is surrounded by a magical barrier from which escape is impossible.

You are thrown through this barrier and find yourself in this prison - with your back against the wall. Here you'll choose one of the three rival factions, fight for your survival and work for your escape.

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Gothic Mug "Colony Fist"
The Colony welcomes you. Swing your axe and cast powerful spells to stop the mighty Sleeper.
Gothic Mousemat "Golden Trio"
Details Whether you're a brute axe wielder, a master swordsman or a powerful sorcerer, fine precision is the key! With his oversized mousemat, you won't break a sweat and you'll defeat all of Gothic's villains with ease....
Gothic T-Shirt "Sleeper Mask"
Details A villain with many names: Those who generally worship demons know the nasty antagonist from Gothic by the name Sleeper. The normal Myrtana inhabitant however calls him Krushak.  What you call him is entirely up to you...
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The original from 2001 was ahead of its time. With more than 100 hours of gameplay, it was one of the most extensive role-playing games at the time, which was very exciting and fun to play thanks to the lively world, the many interaction possibilities and the large selection of weapons and spells.

With the upcoming Gothic Remake the whole game is being rebuilt from the ground up to bring the Gothic experience into a present day game.