Last Train Home PC
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Last Train Home PC

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  • Languages (Full): German, English, French, Czech
  • Languages (Text Only): German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese Simp., Chinese Tradit., Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Hindi, Czech, Indonesian

The war is over - the battle continues. Take command of a squad of soldiers trying to get home in the midst of the civil war. Lead them through the inhospitable wilderness in an armored train. Manage crew and resources and survive.

Your goal is to lead the Czechoslovakian soldiers back home with the help of an armored train, but there are many dangers along the way. In the midst of the brutal civil war between the Russian Red Army and White Guards, you must take care of the fighting condition of your troops in order not to let morale drop to an all-time low with the few resources you have left. Travel through the barren and unforgiving landscape of Siberia, where the cold and merciless environment will tirelessly push you to the limit. Resources are scarce and your squad is exhausted, but you must press on.

Your journey takes you to the center of conflict, surrounded by the horrors of war. The fate of your squad lies in the hands of a select few soldiers as you fight for the outcome of your mission in real-time battles. Choose your strategy wisely and use every talent at your disposal to protect your squad from harm and lead them home safely. With a well thought out plan for training and development, your squad can grow into a seasoned group of comrades in arms, brothers and sisters in arms who will bravely face any challenge.

Every choice you make on your journey will determine the fate of your comrades. Inspired by historical events surrounding the Czechoslovak Legions and their determination to return to their newfound homeland after the First World War, this mission will test your fighting spirit and will to survive. The Last Train Home awaits you and your decisions.

  • 210636
Elex Collector's Edition
Elex Collector's Edition
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PICK YOUR BATTLES: Deploy your squad and complete diverse objectives in a series of real-time missions where specialist combat skills, planning, and superior tactics will lead you to victory. EQUIP YOUR SOLDIERS: Level up your men by unlocking new skills and gathering better equipment – discover their stories, assign medals, and help them rise up through the ranks. MANAGE YOUR CREW: Direct your soldiers in their non-combat roles onboard the train. Craft items, heal your wounded, and restore morale for the arduous journey home. UPGRADE YOUR TRAIN: Unlock your armored train’s full potential by upgrading the carriages and locomotive and oversee important maintenance work to keep it running. JOURNEY THROUGH SIBERIA: Stockpile and trade supplies, make new allies, and overcome crisis after crisis as civil war rages across the vast snowfields of Siberia. BASED ON HISTORICAL EVENTS: The Last Train Home, is compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their valiant fight on behalf of the Entente powers during World War I. Discover all products