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We’re looking for content creators of all shapes & sizes interested in regularly showing our merchandise to the world. 

Whether you’re a Darksiders Horsemen or a Destroy All Humans! Furon. If you’re passionate about THQ Nordic, you’re perfect for us. 



Instagram: at least 20.000 followers 

YouTube: at least 10.000 views per video 

Twitch: at least 500 concurrent viewers on livestream 


Other: You present your art on another platform? No worries, just use the form on the next page to tell us more! 



    • You will get 10% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or use your coupon code. 
    • Keys of our titles to play & show the games you love. 
    • Access to dedicated assets for Content Creators. 
    • We might feature you on Twitter or Facebook, if that’s something you’re interested in. 
    • Opportunity to (re-)stream on the Steam Product Page and reach a large audience – and of course you can ask your viewers there to follow your YouTube/Twitch-Channels! 
    • Thanks to our monitoring tool you can always keep track of the shares that you’ve accomplished with your affiliate link
    • Super cool secret stuff.



The website owner is fully responsible for the affiliate program. All questions or issues regarding commissions and sales will be handled by the website owner.

With the affiliate program, the content creator encloses an agreement with the website owner - not THQ Nordic. The 10% commission is paid by the website owner - not THQ Nordic.

Both the customer and the content creator can request all their data, that was collected by the website, at any time.

Join our free affiliate program!

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