Gothic Classic Khorinis Saga

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  • Full Languages: German, English, Russian, Polish
  • Languages (Text Only): German, English, Italien, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish

Two iconic RPGs in one box

Deadly foes yet to be conquered. Untold riches yet to be unearthed. Unbreakable bonds yet to be formed. 100+ hours of fantasy RPG greatness await you on the journey of the Nameless Hero. Discover Khorinis and its mine colony in this masterpiece bundle of Gothic Classic and Gothic II Complete Classic.


Gothic Classic Khorinis Saga: Two legendary award-winning RPGs, finally brought together at your fingertips! Save Myrtana again in this epic saga on the Switch


  • Gothic 1 Classic: One of the biggest RPGs with over 50 hours of gameplay
  • Gothic 1 Classic: A large variety of weapons and spells for your character
  • Gothic 2 Classic: Over 100 thrilling missions on the different settings
  • Gothic 2 Classic: A detailed, lively game environment with over 500 individual characters (each with their own daily routine)


  • 9120131601721
Elex Collector's Edition
Elex Collector's Edition
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€39.99 *
The original from 2001 was ahead of its time. With more than 100 hours of gameplay, it was one of the most extensive role-playing games at the time, which was very exciting and fun to play thanks to the lively world, the many interaction possibilities and the large selection of weapons and spells.

With the upcoming Gothic Remake the whole game is being rebuilt from the ground up to bring the Gothic experience into a present day game. Discover all products